Tuesday, March 26, 2019

10 "Command"-ments

Here's cheapo label Spin O Rama trying to get onboard the hi-fi gravy train, specifically hitching their train to the 35 mm film recording process pioneered by Command Records. Despite the prominent "35" in the title, however, the album was not recorded in the 35 mm process but was done on typical magnetic tape. Both the album cover and the "technical data" section of the notes mimic the Command Records design, as well. I'm convinced that Tony Calioli is a made-up name, as well.

Tony Calioli and his Band-Process 35 Percussion (Spin O Rama 1960)

A1O Sole Mio
A3La Rosa
A4Mambo Ravioli
A5Bill Bailey
B1Finiculi Finicula
B4Cielo Napoli
B5El Choclo


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