Monday, June 19, 2017

On The Road Again, Again

Another in the set of tapes that I made in preparation for moving to Charlotte in 1993 (and having to leave behind my LPs).

Probably should be titled "Power Pop" instead of "Guitar Bands" as a couple of tracks only incidentally include guitars. In retrospect there are a couple of tracks that I would have left off if I was making the tape today.

Guitar Bands #3

The Northern Pikes
Lone Justice
The Mosquitos
The Outnumbered
The Bangles
Los Lobos
Brian Setzer
Nick Lowe
The New Monkees
Dave Edmunds
Kirsty MacColl
The Romantics

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ID Do This Differently If I Had To Do It Again

Hey, Kevin, what are you doing tonight? Wanna go to the public access TV studio (in the basement of a Knoxville church, I think) and mix a broadcast of a band that you've never heard? Oh, and can you bring all of your gear that will fit in your small car to do it? Well, OK!!

It sounds about as rough as you would expect, with levels jumping around as the band changes sounds/styles and I try to keep up. At one point the kick pedal breaks.

Jeff Wallace (keyboard, vocals), Charlie Bock (bass), Joe Riot (?) (guitar), Andy Coleman (drums), unknown interviewer

The IDs on Cable Channel 20 Knoxville

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Knox Knox, Who's There?

Here's a compilation that I made while hanging out at WUTK-FM one evening (so these tracks all came off of carts). I was at the station to do a promo appearance for The Thirteenth Generation, who were playing a New Rock Night (probably at the Ace of Clubs).

I can ID maybe three of these bands, so please chime in in the comments.
Knoxville Bands Circa 1992

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I roam around and round and round and round and round

Not sure why I made this compilation (sometime in the 80's) other than maybe as band pre-show music, but it still holds a lot of interest to me these many decades later. Personal highlights include The Sugar Bears, The Four Seasons, Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds, John Fred and His Playboy Band, Crazy Elephant, Sweet, Perry Como, Al Wilson, Dick Feller, Chuck Brown, Redbone, Styx, Ace, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Sugarloaf, John Fogerty, heck almost all of them (I don't especially need to hear "Couldn't Get It Right" again, though).

Anyway, enjoy the randomness.

Wandering Through the 45s - 50's 60's and 70's

Saturday, June 03, 2017

60 Minute Man, Volume 2

Here's what was cutting edge circa 1991 according to MTV (and Matt Pinfield? Was he still the host in '91?). Much of this "underground" "alternative" is now classic rock.

120 Minutes-Never Mind The Mainstream Vol 2

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

She'll Be Compin' 'Round The Mountain

Back in the old days (you kids get off my lawn) if you wanted to share a variety of songs (say, for example, you were choosing material for your band) there was no file swapping, just tape trading.
This tape is circa 1984 and came to me from my then-bandmate R. Scott Carpenter. As the title indicates, this was presumably the second in a series of "songs to consider for the band and other good and/or amusing stuff." It does actually contain a few songs that showed up in the setlists of bands that we had together (Know The Score, The Home Boys) and Scott's later bands (What Alice Found, Taoist Cowboys) including an RSC original. A lot of great era stuff in this mix.

Son of Compilation 1

Monday, May 29, 2017


Way back in the pre-music downloading/digital sharing days, there was a message board dedicated to the fabulous band from Knoxville TN The V-Roys. This was also a bit before the proliferation of cheap CD burners and blank CDs, so instead us old-timers used tapes (I hear that they're hip with the kids again these days) for our annual (or semi-annual) music swaps. Here's one that has survived in a box in the garage since then.

I don't remember who MT was/is, but I'm sure that someone will ID him/her in the comments.

I think that VOLT(T) stood for V-Roys On Line Tape Trade (Perhaps MT left a "T" off).

Anyway, here's a cool random mix tape.

VOLT 2.3 MT by MT

(Yes, the tape just cuts off like that)