Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sauter, Begin Again...

This 1954 album is one of those "show off your Hi-Fi" records that were so popular in the hip bachelor pads of the 50's. Sauter and Finegan had pedigrees as big band arrangers in the 40's before stiking out on their own with this augmented orchestra (things like exotic percussion, kazoos, toy trumpets, etc.).

The Sound of the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra (RCA Victor LPM-1009)

A1     Child's Play    
A2     Horseplay    
A3     Time To Dream    
A4     The Honey Jump    
B1     Nina Never Knew    
B2     Love Is A Simple Thing    
B3     Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum    
B4     Stop Beatin' 'Round The Mulberry Bush    
B5     Now That I'm In Love    
B6     Yankee Doodletown

Saturday, November 22, 2014

They're All Good Sports

I'm pretty sure that the actual ballad content was secondary to the goal of getting a somewhat scantily-clad buxom lass on the cover, but it's still an enjoyable set of old-time-style harmonization of the barbershop classics.

Sportsman Quartet - Barbershop Ballads

A1     Down By The O-H-I-O    
A2     Clementine    
A3     Sweet Adeline    
A4     Down In Jungle Town    
A5     While Strolling Through The Park One Day    
A6     In The Good Old Summertime    
A7     Dear Old Girl    
A8     My Old Kentucky Home    
B1     My Coney Island Baby    
B2     In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree    
B3     When You Were Sweet Sixteen    
B4     In My Merry Oldsmobile    
B5     In The Evening By The Moonlight    
B6     Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland    
B7     Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Beautiful Dreamer/Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair     

Monday, November 03, 2014

Folksongs and Ballads

This 1956 compilation on the Riverside label has many of the classics in versions that you may not have previously heard.

Southern Mountain Folksongs and Ballads

Artus Moser - Bonny Blue Eyes
Harry & Jeanie West - Nine Pound Hammer
George Pegram - The Boston Burglar
George Pegram - Mountain Fox Chase
Harry & Jeanie West - Banks of the Ohio
Virgil Sturgill - Devilish Mary
Obray Ramsey - Jim Gunter and the Steer
Artus Moser - The Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea
Harry & Jeanie West - Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Artus Moser - I Went Up On the Mountain
Harry & Jeanie West - Knoxville Girl
George Pegram & Walter "Red" Parham - I Am a Pilgrim
Virgil Sturgill - Charles Guiteau
Artus Moser - Mole in the Ground
Harry & Jeanie West - Wild Bill Jones
George Pegram & Walter "Red" Parham - Pickin' and Blowin'
Artus Moser - The Cherry Tree Carol
Obray Ramsey - On Top of Old Smoky 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

You Have My Eye Star, Full Without Wives Is Not The Chose*

Here's a selection of pop tunes that were popular in Germany during the 1910-1925 period (thus the mod flappers on the cover). These versions were recorded in the late 1950's or early 1960's. Fiesta was a New York-based record label specializing in international music.

(*The post title is a google translation of two song titles.)

A1 Willi Rose, Wilfried Krüger Und Sein Orchester - Komm In Meine Liebeslaube    
A2 Brigitte Mira, Wilfried Krüger Und Sein Orchester - Die Maenner Sind Alle Verbrecher    
A3 Willi Rose, Egan Kaiser Und Sein Orchester - Pueppchen, Du Bist Mein Augenstern    
A4 Josef Leo Gruber Und Sein Tanz Und Unterhaltungsorchester - Leuchtkaeferchens Stelldichein    
A5 Herbert Prikopa - Chor* U. Orch. D Wiener Volksoper - Ganz Ohne Weiber Geht Die Chose Nicht
A6 Rudolf Christ, Orchester Der Wiener Volksoper - Rose Von Stambul
B1 Erika Mechera Und Rudolf Christ, Orchester Der Wiener Volksoper - Erklingen Zum Tanze Die Geigen
B2 Brigitte Mira, Willi Rose, Otto Kermbach Und Sein Orchester Und Ein Chor - Bummelpetrus    
B3 Rudolf Scherfling, Wilfried Krüger Und Sein Orchester - Kom Mein Schatz, Wir Trinken Ein Likorchen    
B4 Brigitte Mira, Wilfried Krüger Und Sein Orchester - Was Machst Du Mit Dem Knie, Lieber Hans B5 Rudolf Scherfling, Egan Kaiser Und Sein Orchester - Warte Nue Ein Weilchen    
B6 Erwin Hartung, Wilfried Krüger Und Sein Orchester - Wenn Die Elisabeth Nicht So Schoene Beine Haett    

Friday, October 10, 2014

Swabia the Deck

A series of German comedy albums focused on mocking the residents of Swabia in southwestern Germany. A lot if the jokes are about bodily functions, as you may have guessed from the cover art.

Tubinger Gogen-Witze 2

Tubinger Gogen-Witze 3

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

That's Gonna Lead to Card-Playing

People more Germanic than I have said that this is pretty authentic, so bottoms up!

"The Original Zillertal Band directed by Harry Wehner recorded live at the world famous Zillertal in Hamburg Germany."

The Zillertal Band - Beer Drinking Songs (Stereo-Fidelity ‎– SF-18700) 1990

A1.a     O Du Lieber Augustin    
A1.b     Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen    
A2     Bayrischer Ländler    
A3.a     Freut Euch Des Lebens    
A3.b     Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken    
A4     Barbara-Polka    
A5.a     Ansage    
A5.b     Schunkelwalzer    
A5.c     Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit    
A6     Herbstpolka    
A7     Schuhplattler    
B1.a     Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit    
B1.b     Kornblumenblau    
B2     In München Steht Ein Hofbräuhaus    
B3     Der Fröhliche Wanderer    
B4     Trink, Trink, Brüderlein Trink!    
B5     Holzhackerbuabn    
B6     Lili Marleen    
B7.1     Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein    
B7.2     Wer Soll Das Bezahlen    
B7.3     Heute Blau Und Morgan Blau    
B8     Auf Wiedersehn

Friday, October 03, 2014

Hello Vienna!


 From the translated wiki page:
"Servus Wien is the title of a 1965 on Polydor released records albums , on the seemingly authentic Hans Moser and Paul Hoerbiger when visiting a wine tavern premises to Hörbigers 70th birthday can be heard on April 29, 1964. It is the last published during his lifetime artistic work Moser, who died a few weeks later.
Whether recording as on the record sleeve claimed actually took place in a wine tavern, remains uncertain because the landlady, who served Moser and Hoerbiger, by the actress Maria Andergast was spoken, with which both occurred frequently in films.
The album has a playing time of about 40 minutes. It is heard, as Moser (his hand coughing and spluttering) and Hoerbiger himself toasting vigorously between Viennese songs to sing, flirt with the hostess, and finally left the restaurant in tipsy state."

I think that's clear enough.

Paul Horbiger and Hans Moser - Servus Wien

  1. Jetzt trink ma no a Flascherl Wein
  2. I riach an Wein
  3. Ja der Wein, den ich mein
  4. A klan´s Laternderl
  5. Es steht ein alter Nussbaum draußt in Heiligenstadt
  6. Mein Herz, das ist ein Bilderbuch vom alten Wien
  7. Unser Vater is a Hausherr
  8. Da fangt der alte Stephansturm zum plaudern an
  9. Spatzen- Polka (Alle Spatzen von Wien)
  10. Ja da kann man nichts machen
  11. Wenn der Herrgott net will
  12. Servus Wien
  13. Mei Muatterl war a Weanerin
  14. Wien, Wien nur du allein
  15. Zwa Fiedeln, a Klampfn, a Maurerklavier (I bin halt a Weaner)
  16. Mein Feuerzeug
  17. Wenn ich mit meinem Dackel
  18. Ich hab mir für Grinzing einen Dienstmann engagiert
  19. Hallo Dienstmann
  20. Der alte Sünder
  21. Erst wanns aus wird sein
  22. ´s wird schöne Maderln geb´n (Es wird a Wein sein)