Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three For The Price of...Almost None

Here's a nice thrift shop score - a three disc loss-leader set from Warner Brothers (Warner/Reprise PRO-423, 1970). Loss-leaders were albums sold cheaply (usually $2 for a two-disc set) by mail to promote the label artists. They were generally promoted on the inner sleeves of Warner Brothers albums. This is the only three-disc set of the series. For those of you who own record changers, side 1 is backed with side 6, side 2 with side 5, and side 3 with side 4 for smooth 1-6 flow. More information here about the whole series. The eight-page included booklet is choice, as well, with a rambling 1970 style and short write-ups about each song/artist.

Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Sides 01-02

Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Sides 03-04

Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Sides 05-06

A1 John Gordon, Larry Lipades Radio Spot: It's The Plastic 0:60
A2 Faces, The Real Good Time 3:59
A3 Black Sabbath Paranoid 2:50
A4 Little Feat Strawberry Floats 2:21
A5 Hard Meat Smile As You Go Under 3:04
A6 Fleetwood Mac Tell Me All The Things You Do 4:10
A7 Jimi Hendrix Stepping Stone 4:05
B1 John Simon The Elves' Song 4:32
B2 Ry Cooder Alimony 2:11
B3 Randy Newman Let's Burn Down The Cornfield 3:03
B4 Gordon Lightfoot Me And Bobbie McGee 3:38
B5 Jimmy Webb P.F. Sloan 4:00
B6 Performance Harry Flowers 4:00
C1 John Gordon, Larry Lipades Radio Spot: Chip Dip 0:60
C2 Little Richard I Saw Her Standing There 2:37
C3 Grateful Dead, The Sugar Magnolia 3:15
C4 Van Morrison Call Me Up In Dreamland 3:52
C5 Kinks, The Apeman 4:06
C6 Arlo Guthrie Valley To Pray 2:47
C7 Beach Boys, The It's About Time 2:56
D1 Youngbloods, The It's A Lovely Day 2:35
D2 Jeffrey Cain Hounddog Turkey 2:56
D3 Lovecraft Love Has Come To Me 3:11
D4 Sweetwater Just For You 9:20
E1 Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off, Baby 2:38
E2 Mothers Of Invention Directly From My Heart To You 5:17
E3 Alice Cooper Return Of The Spiders 4:25
E4 Frank Zappa Would You Go All The Way? 2:30
E5 Beaver And Krause Spaced 3:51
E6 Pearls Before Swine The Jeweler 2:40
F1 Beaver And Krause Sanctuary 1:43
F2 James Taylor Lo And Behold 2:34
F3 Harper's Bizarre If We Ever Needed The Lord Before 2:57
F4 Van Dyke Parks On The Rolling Sea When Jesus Speak To Me 2:25
F5 Persuasions, The It's All Right 3:25
F6 Turley Richards I Heard The Voice Of Jesus 7:05


Blogger wavingpalms said...

...were these those that you always found advertised on the inner sleeves, but hardly ever see in the flesh? I'm still confounded by the polyglot traffic jam of their SCHLAGERS! release...

9:29 PM  
Blogger senormedia said...

yep! I have a couple. Troublemakers (their "new wave" one) is pretty killer.

10:12 PM  

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