Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throw Another Analog On The Fire

Here's a promotional flexidisc for the EML line of synthesizers. Surprisingly, there is no commentary or sales pitch on the double-sided disc - just bleeps, bloops, and drones. Since the company ceased making instruments in 1976, this obviously predates that somewhat. I remember playing it a lot as a kid - I desperately wanted a patchable synth (PAIA, preferably).

The Sounds of E.M.L. Synthesizers

Side One
Fugue in G minor - (J.S. Bach) - W.M. Hartmann & P.J. Hartmann
Puerto Vallerta - Dondi

Side Two
Witch Hunt 1692 - John Borowicz
Quotes Pt. V (excerpt) - Ed Diemente
Homage A Bartok - Kim Corbet


Blogger HaarFager said...

Man, I had this disc all those years ago! Don't know where it ended up, but I've always remembered it fondly. Especially the elevator music song Puerto Vallerta and Witch Hunt 1692. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this, glad to find it after all these years!

2:10 AM  

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