Monday, May 29, 2017


Way back in the pre-music downloading/digital sharing days, there was a message board dedicated to the fabulous band from Knoxville TN The V-Roys. This was also a bit before the proliferation of cheap CD burners and blank CDs, so instead us old-timers used tapes (I hear that they're hip with the kids again these days) for our annual (or semi-annual) music swaps. Here's one that has survived in a box in the garage since then.

I don't remember who MT was/is, but I'm sure that someone will ID him/her in the comments.

I think that VOLT(T) stood for V-Roys On Line Tape Trade (Perhaps MT left a "T" off).

Anyway, here's a cool random mix tape.

VOLT 2.3 MT by MT

(Yes, the tape just cuts off like that)


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