Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm Bringing Saxy Back

This 1965 album finds Mr. Yakety Sax in fine instrumental form on side one (with the exception of the female vocalist on the title track), but stretching out with some vocals on side two (and by stretching out I mean that it's a stretch to call him a vocalist; these are really novelty voices - not that there's anything wrong with that...).

The liner notes say that this is an "electronically reprocessed for stereo" album; if so, the reprocess-er did a fine job - a couple of the tracks have extensive and wide stereo separation, and none of them have the horrible reprocessing of the highs-left/lows-right or dry-left/reverb-right varieties.

Even disregarding the actual performances, I love the sound of this (and similar) albums - it's a particular combination of recording medium, vintage microphones (I suppose they technically weren't vintage then), and playing styles that just lets me close my eyes and picture a room of "studio cats" in ties and/or bowling-style shirts spending an afternoon cutting the songs in a take or two each.

Boots Randoph - Sweet Talk

A1Sweet Talk1:59
A3Blue Guitar2:32
A4Little Big Horn2:12
A5The Happy Whistler1:55
B1Greenback Dollar2:19
B4I'm Getting Your Message Baby1:58
B5Red Light2:17

1965 RCA Camden CAS-865(e)


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