Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Great White Way over to the left and then over to the right

As often evidenced on this blog, I have a severe weak spot for the detritus of the early "Hi-Fi" era: ping-pong stereo, exotica, bachelor pad music, etc. Dick Schory is one of the prime practitioners of the "Stereo Action (The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow)" genre, with at least fifteen LPs to his name, including this one from 1961. Of the several Schory albums that I own, this is (to my ears) the weakest, but that is likely because I have little taste for show tunes (beyond Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music).

The art on the whole series is fab, but this disc is especially nice, with an extra-thick die-cut outer sleeve and a colorful insert that peeks through the opening. The liner notes are far more extensive than can be reproduced here, with technical notes on the recording and individual paragraphs about each musical piece.

Dick Schory's Percussion and Brass Ensemble - Stereo Action Goes Broadway (RCA LSA-2382)

Heat Wave
Seventy-Six Trombones
Bali Hai
It’s Legitimate
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Hernando’s Hideaway
I Got Rhythm
Show Me
The Sound Of Music
El Sombrero


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