Monday, October 10, 2011

Hit Sounds of the Wrong Generation

A bit ago we had a post of a knock-off hits-of-the-day album (The Best of 66). Today we get an even cheaper version, with a no original hits, some name artist covers of other name artists, and a plethora of easy-listening re-recordings by "The Sounds of Our Times", "The Hollyridge Strings", and a guy named "Tartaglia." I'm certain that this type of album didn't fool the fans of the original songs/performances, so I can only assume that it was meant to
1) appeal to the older crowd wanting to dip their toes into the "hip"; or
2) fool the parents who were buying something for their too-young-to-shop-on-their-own kids.

I'll give it this: the Peggy Lee "Spinning Wheel" is way better than the BS&T hit version.
Bobby Gentry's "Son of a Preacher Man" holds it's own, too.

Hit Sounds Of The Young Generation



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