Friday, December 02, 2011

02 A Music Box Christmas

This is kind of cool - 18 recordings of the Ipod of the 19th century, the music box. These are not your tinny jewelry box music boxes, either - some of these are the hi-fi units of their day, offering some remarkably-unexpected bass response. These are recordings of music boxes from the collection of New York antique-shop owner Rita Ford (sadly, it appears that the retail shop has closed, but they still have an online presence). Ms. Ford passed away in 1993.

A Music Box Christmas

  1. Silent Night Holy Night
  2. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  3. Zu Bethlehem Geborend
  4. Monastery Bells
  5. O Tannenbaum
  6. O Sanctissima
  7. Spin Spin
  8. O Holy Night
  9. Ave Maria
  10. Adeste Fidelis
  11. Still Still Holy Melody
  12. Jesus Lover Of My Soul
  13. The First Noel
  14. Ihr Kinderlein Kommet
  15. The Holy City
  16. Lobe Den Herren
  17. Jingle Bells
  18. Silent Night Holy Night

EDIT: apparently this has recently been issued on CD. You can get it at any fine online retailer, I'm sure, but check your local record shop first (while you still have one).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is definitely on CD! lol My father loved this album. So I bought him a couple Xmas music boxes over the years. I picked up a weird CD early on for Xmas back in 1985. It has handbells and other instruments from music boxes, handbells, barrel organs, street pianos, church bells, Brass Bands - pretty much a very Victorian English collection. It's called Enchanted Carols.

I have as well (from my father's collection) a whole album of handbells and another of all harp Xmas. lol

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