Friday, March 23, 2012

Let Me Go On


Photos courtesy of Daniel "Date and Time" Harris, band documentarian.

Spring of 1993 brought outdoor festival weather to Blount County, and specifically to Maryville College in the form of the inaugural Blister In The Sun [as far as I can ascertain, it is still occurring annually]. I'm not certain, but I suspect that this gig came about because Michelle was then currently a student at MC.

This show features the second 5-piece version of the band, with R. Scott Carpenter along for the ride on guitar. This version played just a handful of shows, but all were my musical highlights.

Towards the end of the video there is a quick shot of my Mom and Dad, making what I believe is their only appearance ever at one of my gigs. Mama is rocking the fancy Hepburn-esque hat.

The Thirteenth Generation - Blister In The Sun April 19 1993

The Thirteenth Generation:
Michelle "Two L's" Harris
Dan "Wah" King
R. Scott Carpenter
Greg "Flat" Morton
Kevin "Thud" Crothers

Dan "Date and Time" Harris, who was (and remains) responsible for the, er, "cinematography."


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