Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Heavens Opened Tonight

I spent the weekend of April 20-22 traveling with Charleston pop-rock band The Explorers Club to a TV appearance and club date in Charlotte, NC, and then on to the National Mall in Washington DC for their Earth Day 2012 appearance. Unfortunately the event was mostly rained out, but surprisingly all of the bands that were scheduled (and a few that were unscheduled) played their sets. The headliners were Cheap Trick, and I was fortunate enough to be standing on stage left for the set and shot this video of their short but favorite-song-filled performance:

Cheap Trick - Earth Day 2012 April 22

Now you know what it sounds like onstage at a Cheap Trick show (one in the pouring rain, to boot). I left some of the backstage video on just to demonstrate the swampy mess that was the event.


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