Monday, January 07, 2013

Chubby Checker - A Change Has Come

The success of a Springsteen-rejuvenated Gary US Bonds in 1981 lead to a handful of other legacy rock artists getting renewed record company interest (Del Shannon, Mitch Ryder, etc.). One of the best releases was this 1982 album from Chubby Checker, who hadn't had a charting album in over two decades, or a charting single in thirteen years. That latter dry spell was broken by opening track "Running", which crept into the Hot 100 at #92. (You can catch a performance from the ABC comedy show "Fridays" here. I've linked to some other youtube videos of album songs in the track listing below.).

What is especially nice about this album is that is not simply a retread of the oldies Chubby Checker style and sound - it's a vibrant, contemporary rock album. (The "updating" of The Twist, here titled "T-82", is the exception that proves the rule). Except for the early-80's-dated mildly-chorused guitar sounds and an odd drum tuning here and there, it's still reasonably contemporary sounding. Other legacy artists (Beach Boys 2012, I'm lookin' at you) putting out new material should look into the concept.

Chubby Checker - A Change Has Come

01 Running
02 I've Got Love (That's Hard to Find)
03 Harder Than Diamond
04 Run to Me
05 Under My Thumb
06 Burn Up the Night
07 Rock It to Me Rudy
08 Your Love
09 Don't Be Afraid It's Only Rock'n Roll
10 T-82


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