Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carving Up The Soundstage

This 1980 demonstration record for a Carver Sonic Hologram pre-amplifier from Carver Electronics Corporation is fairly useless, I suppose, without the actual piece of hardware that it was meant to promote, but some of the tests on side one are still useful for general hi-fi setup. I expect the conversion to mp3 totally ruins the Sonic Hologram (TM) properties, though.

These devices were designed to expand the soundstage beyond the boundaries of the two stereo speakers without going to a quad system (which was pretty much dead by 1980). Most online discussion recommends them for headphone use, as opposed to speaker use.

Carver Electronics Corporation ‎– Sonic Hologram (TM) Demonstration - Calibration - Test Record C-4000
A1 Introduction
A2 Loud Speaker Phasing
A3 Internal Cartridge Phasing And Frequency Response
A4 Cartridge Absolute Phase And Electrical Balance
A5 Autocorrelator Adjustment
A6 Peak Unlimiter Adjustment
A7 Time Delay And Echo Density
A8 Trim Control
A9 Introduction To Side Two
B1 Sonic Holography (TM)
B2 Music
B3 Holography Encoded Music


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