Friday, July 25, 2014

Cynic Overlook

Because the name of the artists is in smallish type and in a terrible choice of colors, I initially thought that the band name was Cynic Overlook, which I thought was brilliant. It's still not a bad name for an album, though. Dick and Anne Albin were a married couple who had some minor success on the folk circuit from the late 60's through the mid 80's (at which point they divorced), including founding the Pine Mountain State Park GREAT AMERICAN DULCIMER CONVENTION and touring overseas for the Department of Defense.

This 1981 release is apparently their penultimate LP as a duo. It's humorous and well-played - definitely worth a listen.

Dick Albin (vocals, banjo, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, guitar), Anne Albin (vocals, guitar, dulcimer), Dave Beck (drums), Too Slim Fred LaBour (bass), Woody Paul (fiddle), Doyle Grisham (pedal steel), Barry King (bass/electric guitar), Mike Hutchison (piano), and Denny Inzer (bass).

Dick and Anne Albin - Cynic Overlook

1. Uncle Watt's Original Fantascinatin' Roadside Stand
2. The Rovin' Fiddler
3. Richard and Richard and John and John and Me
4. Beech Branch Run
5. Hometown
6. Customs and All That Snuff
7. Back in Frankie Avalon's Day
8. Bittersweet Woman
9. Who's That Smokin'
10. Stranger Danger
11. Back to West Virginia
12. Big Boys
13. Too Many Last Times
14. Sweet Music


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