Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's Cold Out - Put on Your Wyncote

In 1964, Cameo-Parkway started Wyncote, a budget label subsidiary named for a Philadelphia suburb, to reissue their large back catalog. The product on Wyncote was very typical of budget label of the 1960s. Record jackets were inexpensively made and tended toward falling apart easily, there was [sic] no inner paper or plastic sleeves for the albums, and there were usually only nine or ten tracks on each album. Many times the artists names weren't even given. Far worse, though, was [sic] the substandard vinyl pressings which were noisy and had many bumps. The vinyl on some of the early Wyncote albums could only be described as pathetic, with blisters, peels and bumps abounding. After the first few issues, they settled down to a vinyl quality that was passable, but not much more. 

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This 1966 compilation has a nice selection of cuts that aren't endlessly recycled on other oldies compilations (or over-played on oldies radio).

A1 The Tymes - So Much In Love   
A2 Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love   
A3 Chubby Checker - Birdland   
A4 The Orlons - Crossfire   
A5 Don Covay - The Froog   
B1 Chubby Checker - She Want's T' Swim   
B2 The Dovells - Bristol Stomp   
B3 Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - You'll Never Be Mine   
B4 The Dovells - Betty In Bermudas   
B5 The Orlons - Don't Throw Your Love Away

Wyncote - Dance A-Go-Go With The Stars Vol 2 (W-9121)


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