Friday, July 01, 2005

Bring Out Your Meds!

After the 1990 dissolution of Sea 7 States, the various band members went their separate ways into new projects. Drummer Greg Morton and bassist Kevin Crothers formed The Thirteenth Generation with Michelle Bullis and Dan "Wah" King. Jon Parker disappeared from the music scene for a little while. A year or so later guitarist/vocalist Phillip Wolfe joined drummer Chuck White (formerly of Awfully Anglo) and bassist/pontiff Brad Deaton (soon to be formerly of the Taoist Cowboys) in Joy Buzzard.

Sometime shortly after they traveled to the wilds of Greenback TN to record in my basement on the 8-track of doom.

I don't know anything about the greater meaning of this song, but I do know that it has one of the cooler guitar performances that I've ever heard from Phil.

Joy Buzzard - Prozac


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds a little bit like Violent Femmes singing Primus.

12:06 PM  

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