Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Away With Radio Murder

This post will definitely fall into the genre of "limited appeal." These tracks are from another of what must have been a boring night for me manning the controls at WUOT while hour-long reels of UNRADIO played (not that the shows were boring, but just sitting there was, and there were only so many times that I could smuggle my girlfriend out of her house and up to Knoxville).

The board op got to do one hour of live programming each show, usually between 3 AM and 6 AM, with the "big shot" hosts (Mike Dotson, Cy Anders, Paul Parrish) taking up the prime hours from midnight. Somewhere I probably decided that almost nobody was actually listening, so I determined to see if I could provoke any response from whatever audience might be out there.

I must have planned it ahead of time, as I didn't normally carry Donnie Osmond and Partridge Family records around with me to regular UNRADIO shows, and I don't think that I had ever played the Dry Lungs industrial comp on the air before, either.

Regardless, I decided that a Partridge Family and German industrial band P16D4 remix and a Donnie Osmond-Maybe Mental remix were what the airwaves of East Tennessee needed that morning.

Partridge Family-P16D4 remix

Donnie Osmond-Maybe Mental remix

Nope, nobody called to complain.

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You are twisted.


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