Friday, July 24, 2009

Take a Trip and Never Leave The Farm

Don't have the money for bus fare to the coast? Still in high school and living with your parents? Low on kool-aid? Out of flowers to wear (in your hair)? Don't worry, Rod McKuen is looking out for you. He's taken a 1967 "San Francisco Hippie Trip" so that you don't have to.
Based on the light jazz backing (guitar, bass, bongos, flute) and the content of the third track, when he actually calls himself a Beat, I think Rod (or his record company) was confusing Beats and hippies, but he (Edwin Francis, actually) really got the artwork right. (Font nerds - what's that title font called?).

Listen (use of "substances" optional, but...):
Rod McKuen Side Two


Blogger S Carpenter said...

Side one was definitely better than side two. Or perhaps the pharmaceuticals were just wearing off.


10:51 AM  

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