Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eight is (not) Enough

Volume Eight of Under The Covers

The highlights? The Krokus American Woman cover smokes the Kravitz one; Birdsongs RULZ! (sic); I love Keene and the Beach Boys, so Our Car Club is righteous; the Wraithchild America Pink Floyd cover is surprisingly good; I tend to like Beatles covers, and the Rigby is odd and nice; the John Cale is exceptionally mega-mondo-keen; the Mellencamp is the first version of that song that I heard, so it’s kinda the “original” in my head; Weird Al can do no wrong in his polka medleys; and I especially like the Rosetta Stone Kinks version.

The lowlights? If I were making this mix today the Give Peace a Chance would be left out on the grounds that it’s primarily being used (as we know it today) as a sample and not a cover; the Oak Ridge Boys add nothing to Paul Simon; similarly The Inmates;
as much as I like Keene Kill Your Sons does nothing for me; and Des Barres should have spent more time with Pamela rather than taking on Johnny Nash.

Side One
Krokus – American Woman
Johnny USRY – Johnny’s Rap/Give Peace a Chance
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic – Theme From Rocky and Bullwinkle
Chris Stamey – Get a Job/Tobacco Road
The Honeydrippers – Rockin’ At Midnight
Tommy Keene – Our Car Club
Great White – Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Wraithchild America – Time
Tommy Keene – Kill Your Sons
The Ramones – Do You Wanna Dance
The Ramones – Time Has Come Today
The Oak Ridge Boys – Loves Me Like A Rock
Dolly Parton – House of the Rising Sun
Not Mean Themselves – Eleanor Rigby

Side Two
 John Cale – Heartbreak Hotel
The Judds – Don’t Be Cruel
The Trio – To Know Him Is To Love Him
Darden Smith – Johnny B. Goode
Tiffany – I Saw Him Standing There
Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now
John Mellencamp – Let It All Hang Out
The Inmates – Dirty Water
Jim Capaldi – Love Hurts
Krokus – School’s Out
Rosetta Stone – Sunshine of Your Love
Michael Des Barres – I Can See Clearly Now
Rosetta Stone – You Really Got Me
Tom Petty – Feel A Whole Lot Better
REM – Superman
REM - King of the Road
Weird AL Yankovic – Polka Party
REM – There She Goes Again


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