Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sailing Seven Seas

Today we return a bit to the origins of the blog, which is/was music of the Knoxville area. Looking back through the archives I realized that I had posted a lot of bands that I had worked with (recorded, mocked, etc.) but not much from bands with which I performed. We'll remedy that oversight starting today.

The first post in my "LOOK AT ME!!!!" series is a radio broadcast that Sea 7 States did on WUOT-FM's Unradio sometime in early 1987 (this post originally said 1986, but it turns out to actually have been early 1987). The mic choices were a little odd (small-diaphragm condenser on bass cabinet?), the mix is full of weird panning (guitar way right, bass way left - kind of like the first couple of Van Halen albums), the singer was unseen out in the hallway on headphones while the rest of the band was playing in the interview studio, the drums go in and out mix-wise, and there are absolutely no effects on the instruments - it's as dry as the Arizona desert. Never-the-less, there are still a couple of moments that give me that arm-hair-raising tingle (the mid-break in perennial night-ending Calendar, for one).

This is the first version of the band, with Jon Parker on vocals and harmonica, Brett Norton on drums and vocals, Phillip Wolff on guitar and vocals, and Kevin Crothers on bass and vocals. A more complete history of the band, including some amusing photos and Phil's purple prose can be found at auntiegrizelda/Sea7states.

The Beauty of Fire
In A Southwind
Chattanooga is a Military Town
Another Life Is Lost
Where The Wild Things Are
William Down The Hill
Distant and Narrow
Everything's Right


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