Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Quick One While He's Away (From His Desk)

The cheap ploy by the music blogger - a drive-by comp album posting.

K-Tel - Pure Gold Collection from 1997 - 36 Original Hits! 36 Original Stars! 2 Record Set!

I enjoy K-tel albums on many levels - one of the more interesting is the edits they do to bring the songs down in length so as to fit more tracks per side. There's a track by Flash on an early 70's K-Tel album that clocks in at a nice 2:10. When I got the actual Flash album I was surprised to see that the original track ran well over 15 minutes. That's some fancy editing, especially since they really encapsulated the essence of the song while scrapping about 13 minutes of it (hmm, might be on to something there - pay attention, prog rock bands).

One the other hand, there's the reduced bass response and general lower-level cutting (leading to much surface noise) that allows closer grooves to be cut.

This set is so much like listening to WRJZ or WNOX in the late-70's that I was tempted to apply a slight phasing effect, a brickwall limiter, and a bandpass filter to complete the experience.

No set list - you won't need it.

Pure Gold Collection


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