Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Chet Atkins, country guitar picker

I like this EP not just for the included four tunes, which are swell, but for the cover art - that red guitar against that aqua shirt and the black background is very striking. What's perhaps more striking is the blurred picking hand - fingers too fast to be captured on film!

This 1957 7" EP surprised me by playing at 45 RPM and not 33 RPM (as a large number of other 7" EPs do) but since it was put out by RCA of course it would be pressed at 45. (RCA EPA 1-1383)

The title (Chet Atkins: Finger Style Guitar, Vol. 1) promises additional volumes, so I'll keep my eye out for those, now.

Side One:
Swedish Rhapsody
Side Two:
Petite Waltz
Unchained Melody

Chet Atkins: Finger Style Guitar, Vol. 1


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