Sunday, December 18, 2011

18 North Central High School - Festival of Carols

This is my second LP posting from NCHS. The previous years version is here.

I have two copies of this, so if you appear on the disc and have lost your copy in the last 45 years, drop me a line. We'll work something out.

As on the previous disc, an assortment of school ensembles appear: the Counterpoints, the Music Men, the Girls Ensemble, the Descants, the Bell Choir, the Madrigals, the Capella Choir, the Girls Concert Choir, and the Symphonic Band (though the last didn't rate a picture on the cover, apparently).

North Central High School - Festival of Carols 1966

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Jingle Bells
O Come, O Come, Emanuel
Pin A Star
The First Noel
Hear The Sledges
Sing Gloria
Hodie! Christus Natus Est
O Rejoyce Ye Christians Loudly

A Christmas Festival
African Noel
Carol of the Birds
Winter Wonderland
The Ballad of the Holy Child
We Wish You The Merriest



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