Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir - Here a Christmas

While I assume that there are no Truth-In-Labeling laws that apply to Christmas records, if they exist, this album is a clear violation. Yes, there are bells, and Dorothy Shaw directs them. Christmas songs? Not so much. Four tracks out of thirteen, to be exact. [The liner notes suggest that the theme of the album is related to [paraphrased] "memories of the places around the world where the choir has performed at Christmas." I rather suspect the theme is more like "we've got this bunch of leftover recordings, how can we package them together in some semi-coherent way?"

Oh, it's also got a commercial stuck in the middle of it.

My tolerance for bell choirs is directly proportional to the Christmas content, so this is rather a disappointment.

Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir - Here a Christmas ...There a Christmas

Send in the clowns
America, the Beautiful
I Left my Heart in San Francisco
Overture to Carmen
Ave Maria
In a Manger
Tu scendi dalle stelle
Silent night
March on, Bahamaland
Carousel Waltz



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