Friday, December 23, 2011

26 Bonus Round

We'll conclude this years 25 Days of Blogmas with a bonus day gathering together some stray singles that have been collecting in a pile.

First up is a double holiday 12" single from George Thorogood on lovely Christmas red vinyl. This 1983 release was produced by one of my faves - Dave Edmunds.

Next is a 1983 12" single that gives me a chuckle. It's theoretically a double-sided/equal billed affair, with Jingle Bell Rock appearing on each side sung by a different member of a famous musical duo. When the duo is Hall and Oates, however, there is definitely an imbalance of famous-ness.
The label on the (otherwise blank) sleeve says "Seasons Greetings 'Jingle Bell Rock' Side 1: From Daryl, Side A: From John" (I see what they did there) but the actual disc says "Side A" on Daryl's side and "Side B" on John's side. Uh-oh!

Next up is country mainstay Johnny Tillotson with two 1966 Christmas originals.

We conclude this Blogmas with Jose Ferrer's 1960 recording of Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus backed with Santa's Marching Song, which may feature the A-side performer's children.

Christmas Singles Assortment

George Thorogood - Rock and Roll Christmas/New Year's Eve Party

Hall and Oates - Jingle Bell Rock (Daryl)/Jingle Bell Rock (John)

Johnny Tillotson - Christmas Country Style/Christmas Is The Best Of All

Jose Ferrer/The Ferrers - Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus/Santa's Marching Song



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