Sunday, June 30, 2013

It Slices! It Dices! It Chops! It's The...

Everything Tool at the Cityside Cafe, Knoxville, TN 5-14-88

This is a "remix" of a cassette that (presumably) I recorded - one channel was straight from the board, and the second channel was a room mic. As is usual for a small club, the direct signal is heavy on vocals, since the amps and drums were likely only slightly in the PA. I tweaked it just a bit with some EQ and limiting (and some cassette hiss noise reduction). There are a couple of channel dropouts on the first song.

It sounds best loud.

Assuming that the band lineup was always the same, this is Dave Rhoden, Matt Rhoden, Sam Powers, and Scott Davis.

Everything Tool[s]...shows were celebratory free-for-alls of beer swilling and rabble rousing. - Rick Greene, UT Daily Beacon


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