Monday, December 23, 2013

On The Tenth (Grade) Day of Blogmass

Here's our second visit to North Central High School. The first album is here. Definitely better cover art on this one. Probably a stock photo/painting, but I like it. Too bad there's no credit for it.
Pauline Brothers, Richard Laughlin, and Don Martin Directed. Recorded by Elvis Hughes for Century Custom Recording Service. This is the steroe version, though a mono version is also listed as available.

North Central High School - Music In The Air (date unknown)

Carol of the Drum - The Counterpoints
Jingle Bell Fantasy - The Bell Choir
Do You Hear What I Hear?  -  The Counterpoints
Mary's Lullaby - The Girls Ensemble
Stars Lead Us Ever On - The A Capella Choir
Lullaby of the Christ Child - The A Capella Choir
Santa Claus Is Comin' - The Bell Choir
How Silent Is Our Village - The Music Men
Carol of the Bells - The Madrigals
Go Tell It On The Mountain - The A Capella Choir

Shepards [sic] and the Inn - The A Capella Choir
Children, Go Where I send Thee - The Music Men
Pin A Star To A Twinkling Tree - The Girls Ensemble
Winter Wonderland - The Bell Choir
Riu Riu Chiu - The Counter Points [sic]
Carol of the Angels - The Girls Ensemble
Torches - The Counterpoints
The First Noel - The Bell Choir
Virgin Unspotted - The Counterpoints
Christ Came To Bethlehem - The A Capella Choir


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