Monday, July 28, 2014

Dancing Mary Ann's Grass Skirt is on Fire in My Dreams of the Jungle

I originally guessed that his album was something concocted especially for tourists. I guessed incorrectly. Tradition (also Tradition Records) is an American folk music label, launched originally in 1956 by Pat Clancy and his brothers Tom Clancy and Liam Clancy, with the financial support from Diane Hamilton. The label released several historic field recordings of country, folk and blues musicians, some in conjunction with archivist Alan Lomax, as well as contemporary albums. Its folk roster (The Clancy Brothers, Odetta) proved influential on the bohemian movement of the late 50s and early 60s, impacting young musicians such as Bob Dylan.

 It's available in digital formats, if you're so inclined. Here it is in its cheap vinyl original glory.

Native Steel Drum Band - A Live Recording

A1     Fire Down Below - 3:22
A2     Grass Skirt - 3:00
A3     Mary Ann - 3:45
A4     Out Of My Dreams - 1:20
A5     Spear Dance - 4:49
B1     Zulu Chant - 4:11
B2     La Paloma - 2:36
B3     Jungle - 3:07
B4     Native Mambo - 4:22
B5     Spur Dance - 3:43


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