Monday, March 02, 2015

Hustle and Bustle

I have listened to this album 7 times and my pool playing hasn't improved at all. I want my money back!

Groove Sound - Learn To Hustle GS1001 (1976)

Side one has a Jeff & Jack Shelley guided tour to shaking one's booty and side two has the music in which to get out there and dance.
Learn to do the American Hustle, The Walk, Latin Hustle, Bus Stop and the Foxy Trot Hustle.

Side One
1 The American Hustle 4:25
2 The Walk 4:08
3 Latin Hustle 4:25
4 Bus Stop 3:05
5 Foxy Trot Hustle 4:29

Side Two
Dance Music
1 Once Again (American Hustle) 6:48
2 Can You Dig It (The Walk) 4:21
3 I Will Follow Him (Bus Stop) 3:31
4 Bad Situation (Foxy Hustle) (Latin Hustle) 5:02 


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