Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not Sitting on the Dylan Fence

I'm in a Dylan mood.

It's something in the air - the air waves, that is, as PBS has aired programs featuring Mr. Zimmerman for the last three nights. Thus, I was inspired to dig back into the vaults.

As mentioned before, I don't really write songs - I'm more of a song stylist/interpreter (snicker).

Two decades ago this interpretation made it into the regular rotation on WUTK-FM.

Dylan gets roughed up

Equipment abused in the name of art by me: Cutek cassette 4-track, Fender Bullet guitar, some little battery-powered amp about 4" square, Vantage bass, cheap drums, cheaper Radio Shack mic.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The High Numbers? No, Who?

Name that band.
First correct answerer not a member of the band or related to a member of the band wins a fabulous prize.


Well, no one ever actually got it.

The band is Ethereal Mission, which emerged from The Extremes and later morphed into Immortal Chorus.