Wednesday, January 25, 2006

mic on the internets

I'm not sure what percentage of the population had high speed internet in 2000, but I'm guessing that few people actually saw this live. (according to this study, in 2001 it was about 17% of internet users).

In the cold winter of 2000 (well, in Charleston 50 degrees is cold!) Mic Harrison visited Charleston, and while he was here I convinced him to come down to the studio and participate in trying some cutting-edge technology - the live webcast. As the video demonstrates, not all of the bugs were worked out, as we kept losing contact with our Real Media server. Fortunately, the tape was rolling, so we captured even the stuff that didn't "air."

As for the "production values", I will say this - I was in charge of the audio only. :)

You'll have to sit through the opening band (gLaZe) first.

Mic Harrison webcast