Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost at Sea 7 States

I've got a bunch of UnRadios and New Airwaves almost ready for posting, but there has been a computer malfunction, so as a placeholder I offer a portion of a 1987 Sea 7 States show [one set (possibly the first) usually of 4] from The Cityside Cafe on Market Square (back when it was still a mostly-boarded up wasteland, before its current urban hipster status).

Brett sent me this VHS tape, and upon viewing it I had absolutely no recollection of the event. Based on the musical breakdown/musical terrorism at the end, I'm guessing that there was a specific reason for that loss of memory, and that it probably afflicted the rest of the band as well.
This is probably Brett's penultimate show with the band, with only a gig at The Library to follow for him.

Sea 7 States - Cityside Cafe 1987

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