Saturday, November 05, 2011

Smersh it up again!

This is one of two cassettes that Smersh sent me when I wrote to them and offered to play them on WUTK. The first is here. This one appears to be something of a compilation/collection of early recordings. I don't recall if I played any of this tape on the air.

Smersh - This Is What You Missed


Friday, November 04, 2011

No Polish Jokes Allowed

This is a rather odd album. The fairly plain jacket doesn't really hint at the strangeness within.
Urszula BogumiƂa Dudziak-Urbaniak is (according to wiki) a leading Polish jazz vocalist.
The backing tracks here are really good, if you're into that jazz-fusion stuff (I'm mostly indifferent to it unless it's got a lot of funk mixed in). On top of it, however - well, let's just say that Yoko Ono has a lot for which to answer, and not all of it is as good as the B-52s.

In certain moods I kind of like this, but you just can't depend on those moods.

Urszula (Arista AL 4065 1975)

Mosquito Dream
Mosquito Bite
Just The Way You Are

Sno King
Funk Rings
Call me Monday

*from wikipedia: In 2007, Dudziak's classic 1970s song "Papaya" saw a resurgence in popularity in the Philippines where it was regularly featured in a local noontime TV game show Pilipinas, Game KNB?. A favorite track for Filipino drag queens as lip-synch material in the '70s gay disco/bar scene, the song then saw a revival when a TV host danced to the tune, helping to spread the popularity of the song to Latin America and the US. The dance has then been featured in several news programs, including MSNBC, and Reuters. On 21 March 2008, the dance was featured on ABC's Good Morning America, where the hosts also danced to the song.