Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jamaica Bad Pun For The Title? Yes. I Did.


If you're coming to this album to get your Bob Marley fix I'm afraid that you will be disappointed by this 1971 album. It takes the "folk" in the title fairly seriously (except when it's going very orchestral choral).

From the back sleeve:
This is the second L.P. released by the Jamaican Folk Singers. A few favourites from their previous L.P. have been included but even these sound new as the group continues to grow in love and understanding of Jamaica's Folk Music. The Jamaican Folk Singers continue to generate interest in their country's folklore as they perform for widely differing and enthusiastic audiences at home and abroad.

 The Jamaican Folk Singers In A Programme Of Jamaican Folk Songs Vol 2/71 - (Humming Bird/)


A1 Banyan Tree
A2  Coconut Tree    
A3  Tambo    
A4  Slave Lament    
A5  John Crow    
A6  War    
A7  Missa Potta    
A8  Eva    
A9  Rocky Road    
B1  Our Father    
B2  Cock A Crow / Keyman    
B3  Rock Yu Body / Guinea War / Kumina To Kumina    
B4  Sityra    
B5  Wrong Train    
B6  Weeping Eyes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

States and Capitals (C)rap

Rap in the title must refer to "Repeat After Pause."
Three of the four of the words in the title are correct. This does in fact include "states and capitals." What it does not include is anything that could even loosely be called "rap." This is so bad that it is only able to get one star by sucking (vampire-like) multiple stars from other items in the Amazon catalog. I hope that the guy pictured on the front got paid well, because I'm certain that he never worked again once this was released.

Rock To Learn - States and Capital Rap

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Vinyl Frontier

 Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek, here are the soundtracks to the pilot episode and the first aired episode.

Composed By – Alexander Courage
Originally released in 1985 by GNP Crescendo Records / King Records with catalog number: GNPD 8006 / K32Y-4017
All tracks recorded in 1966.

Alexander Courage-Star Trek-The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before

A1     Star Trek Theme (Main Title) 0:50
A2     Doctor Bartender 1:16
A3     Survivors 1:37
A4     Prime Specimen 3:08
A5     Bottled 1:46
A6     Probed 0:45
A7     Monster Illusion 1:13
A8     Monster Fight 1:37
A9     The Kibitzers 0:36
A10    Vena's Punishment 1:44
A11    Pike's Punishment 0:33
A12    Picnic 2:09
A13    True Love 1:17
A14    Vena's Dance 1:49
A15    Torchy Girl 0:12
B1       Under The Spell 0:26
B2       Primitive Thoughts 0:24
B3       Wrong Think 0:40
B4       To Catch A T. 1:19
B5       Going Up 1:06
B6       Max's Factor 2:04
B7       Star Trek Theme (End Title) 1:29
B8       Where No Man Has Gone Before (Main Title)  0:14
B9       Star Date 0:34
B10     Episode Titles 1:18
B11     Force Field  2:17
B12     Silvery Orbs 1:49
B13     Crippled Ship 0:53
B14     Speedy Reader 0:50
B15     Hit The Button 0:03
B16     On Delta-Vega 0:37
B17     When Your Eyes Have Turned To Silver 0:58
B18     Instant Paradise 2:50
B19     End Title And Credits 0:21
B20     Additional Credits 0:20