Friday, November 16, 2018

R(oy)IP Clark

I know when and how I bought this album (1978 and RCA record club 12 for a penny) but I don't know the why (I previously had shown no affection for bluegrass). I sort of have a vague memory that I may have read a favorable review (probably in Stereo Review). Regardless, it was an anomaly in my otherwise rockist record collection. It's not the most old-timey authentic-sounding bluegrass record (no "let's all gather around one microphone" recording here, but pure 70s multi-tracking in a dry room) but maybe that's why I thought that I would like it. Whatever the reason, I did, and has remained in occasional play rotation ever since, even as I've discovered more "authentic" sounding bluegrass.

Roy Clark and Buck Trent-Banjo Bandits ABC Records AY-1084

1 Earl's Breakdown
2 Bugle Call Rag
3 Down Yonder
4 Bluegrass Breakdown
5 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
6 Jolly Ho (Happy Hour)
7 Black Mountain Rag
8 Beer Barrel Polka
9 John Cumberland Creek
10 Banjo Signal