Thursday, April 04, 2019

Stan Freberg Presents the Radio Advertising Bureau

Here's Stan Freberg, most well-known to the general public as a comedian/satirist and recording artist, in his ad-executive guise, shilling for the radio advertising industry on a one-sided LP (is it really a long player if it's only one side and nine minutes?).

More Than Meets The Ear

A1 –Stan Freberg The Disaster Corporation Of America
A2 –Stan Freberg The Disaster Corporation Revisited
A3 –Stan Freberg Do People Really Listen To Radio Commercials?
A4 –Stan Freberg Marshall McMedium Interview
A5 –Stan Freberg The Electronic Dress
A6 –Sarah Vaughan And Stan Freberg Sarah Vaughan In Person! "Who Listens To Radio?"

Arranged By – Quincy Jones
Conductor – Quincy Jones
Vocals – Sarah Vaughan
Written-By – Stan Freberg
Published By – Freberg Music Corp.
Produced For – Radio Advertising Bureau

Voice Actor – Bill Woodson (tracks: A1, A2), Byron Kane (2) (tracks: A3), Naomi Lewis (2) (tracks: A5), Paul Condylis (tracks: A4), Stan Freberg