Wednesday, July 08, 2020

It's a Garden Party

Garden Theater

Once upon a time. . .

There was a classic 1918 vaudeville house-turned-cinema-turned-performance space in Charleston, SC called the Garden Theater. It was located in the heart of downtown on King Street.

Also located in Charleston, on the bridge of the USS Yorktown, were the radio studios for an affiliate of the SCETV radio network, WSCI.

Neither of these exist anymore. (don't get me started on either. . .)

In 1989 these two institutions came together to produce the Charleston Folk Festival: specifically, this particular performance by Roger Bellow and the Drifting Troubadours, topping the bill of what was billed as the "triple threat" night. On this night the band consisted of:
Roger Bellow-guitar/fiddle/banjo/vocals, Bob Sachs-mandolin/guitar/vocals, Don Earl-dobro/vocals, Dick Daniels-bass.

This recording was eventually aired on WSCI.

Roger Bellow and the Drifting Troubadours @ The Garden Theater Charleston Folk Fest 2-18-89

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Sweet Temptation
I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darlin'
Sleep With One Eye Open
Just Joshin'
Let Me Rest
John Hardy
Guess Who's In Town?
Milk Cow Blues
Listen to the Mockingbird

Joined by Vollie, Chet, Bert, and Thorn for:

Leather Britches
Canaan's Land