Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

OK, so that last post was allegedly-humorous - this one actually is, in spots (probably more-so if you've been to Med School). The Greene County, Missouri Medical Society's Scholarship Foundation presents this fourth album by The Singing Doctors as part of their fund raising efforts ($4.25) to provide "aid to those earnest youngsters who seek to be tomorrow's medical practitioners."

I can't pin down a starting date for the Doctors (mid 1960's seems most reasonable) . Founding members Charles Lockhart and Fred Coller have passed on, and as of 2005 James Brown was writing his own obituary because of cancer. (There is a nice article on Brown here.) [edit: Brown passed away immediately after that article appeared]
[James T. Brown, MD 48, of Springfield MO, died of cancer on Jan. 24, 2005, in Durham NC, where his son, James Trig Brown, MD 77, practices. A general surgeon, Brown was the founder of the Singing Doctors of Springfield. The group entertained widely with humorous musical shows for nearly 40 years, raising more than $400,000 for scholarships for over 200 medical students. In addition to his son, Brown is survived by a daughter, Mary Louise Brown, SW 76.]

The cast list on this album is: Jim Brown, Charles E. Lockhart, Don F. Gose, F.T. H'Doubler, Jr., Harold H. Lurie, Fred C. Coller, and accompanist Wilfred Adler.

minor trivia: a subset of The Singing Doctors appeared on I've Got A Secret in 1965:

Week 657, 1/11/65

Sponsor: Toni
Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 4: Doris Hibbard
Production Supervisor: Milt Myers
Technical Director: Vernon Gamble
Audio: Larry Schneider
Lighting: Walter Urban

  1. Artur Ries (see 10/12/64) failed his driving test again.
  2. Drs. Jim Brown, Charles Lockhart, and Don Gold, Springfield, MO: With three other doctors, they are helping to put 35 students through medical school. "We have raised $70,000 at banquets and medical conventions … by singing." Bess guesses, going third. "The Singing Doctors" then perform "Consultation" using the tunes to "Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be" and "Stars and Stripes Forever."
The Singing Doctors - On Stage Side 01
The Singing Doctors - On Stage Side 02

Theme, We're Singing Doctors
Now I'm A TV Star and Dahling, That's Showbiz
At Your Cervix
Fibroid Tumor
The Message is Massage
Masters Degree
Birth Control Pills
Halitosis Beats No Breath At All and Menopause
Hemorrhoids and Closing Theme


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have not heard a clear copy of this since I was a 10 year old and my Dad who was an OBGyn would play it at home. There were other albums, but this is the only one we had that survived long enough for me to make a cassette copy in 1977. I lost the scratchy album by the time the 80's came by and my cassette ain't what it used to be. Nice to hear it clear again and see the history and artwork.
I will pass the link to friends and family.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My OB-GYN father used to play this as well. It was so funny and one of the inspirations I had to be an RN

6:56 PM  

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