Thursday, March 18, 2010

So he loaded up the truck and he moved to...

When I moved from Tennessee to North Carolina (Charlotte) in 1993 I knew that I wouldn't be able to take along my extensive vinyl collection, since I was moving into a small apartment. I put together a series of somewhere between six and ten themed cassette tapes to take with me instead. The most numerous of the series were the "Guitar Bands" tapes, of which there are at least five.

I had just started gathering these together yesterday, with this tape being the only one located so far. In some sort of cosmic coincidence, this one kicks off with a track from Alex Chilton's "No Sex" EP, so I'm assuming that I'm supposed to post it.

Artists include:
Alex Chilton
Guadalcanal Diary
The Truth
John Waite
Yo La Tengo
Tracy Chapman
The Woodentops
The Pandoras
Katrina and the Waves

Guitar Bands 05


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