Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here's a portion of a show from an odd cavernous concrete venue in downtown ("Nowtown") Maryville (Murvil) TN that was calling itself The Industry. I think that for most of its short existence it was a dance club ("Industrial Dance", no doubt). It was in a large corner building on W Harper and N Cusick streets on the side facing McCammon Ave. (the building for a long time was the home of the Van Metre School of Dance, though on a different floor).

We had to provide our own PA, which was likely leftovers from the Sea 7 States PA, but I don't remember what we used for mains, since I didn't own any at the time. Based on the feedback I'm guessing that we had random volunteers manning the board.

I remember this show being a lot of fun, despite the technical problems. This was likely one of our first 2-5 shows. Unfortunately, the camera battery died shortly into the show, so we get a song or two and then short excerpts from the rest of the show. I guess we either didn't bring the power cord or no one thought to look in the case for it.

You'd think by this time I'd realize that wearing all dark clothes on stage means you can't be seen in the video.

The Thirteenth Generation @ The Industry Maryville TN 9-20-91



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