Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hip Hip HooClay!

Here's one of those custom recordings of a school ensemble - in this case the (de rigueur for the Bicentennial) partially-patriotic performances of the Clay Jr. High School Bands and Choirs. Other than the front cover (see above) and the track listings on the disc labels there is absolutely no other information provided on this disc, so I have no precise idea which of the several Clay Jr High Schools across America produced this recording, but one of the directors is still active in Indiana, so I presume it's that one. Regardless, it's pretty well done for the age range. Performing groups include the Concert Choir, the Treble Choir, the 7th Grade Choir, the Spirit of 76ers, the Sounds of Clay, the Mixed Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, the Cadet Band, the Stage Band, and the Concert Band. Personnel credits include: Robert Theil - Principal, and Ruth Hartman, Carol Cobbs, and Joseph Zaharako - Directors.

Sounds From Clay 1976

Tune In
Salute To America
How Come?
Go Tell It
Blue Moon
Silent The Forests
Voices in Festival

Proud Heritage
Catch Me First
Land of the Brave
American COmposer


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