Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Portly Tiddlywinks

 This album is an example of one of my favorite music sub-genres - the knock off album. Most (this one included) seem specifically designed to fool the less-well-informed and/or the parents of kids too young to make their own purchases. Most of the items in my collection are Beatles-related, with a smattering of other artists (The Monkees, for example). This is my first Chubby Checker fake, which is pretty funny (or ironic, or meta, or whatever the kids these days say) as the stage name Chubby Checker was itself based off of a more well-known performer (Fats Domino).

OTOH, these songs/recordings are pretty bad - the vocals, especially. Eeee-aaah, indeed.
There are also a few sax solos that indicate that someone forgot to pass the chart to the player, perhaps.

Grand Prix Series Records was Pickwick reissue label, and existed from the early to mid-1960s. Initially, Grand Prix was used to reissue most or all of the albums that had previously been released on the Bravo and International Award labels. You can get a fairly complete discography here: pickwick/grandprix.

For several years in the early '60's Pickwick employed Lou Reed as a staff songwriter for these type of albums. Sadly, this album predates his employment.

Tubby Chess and his Candy Stripe Twisters Do the Twist (1962) K-187
A1 The Twist
A2 Oh, This Is Love
A3 Swinging Papa
A4 Yes, She Knows
A5 My Baby Couldn't Dance
B1 I Need Your Love
B2 I Just Couldn't Take It
B3 Hey, Little Girl
B4 Take A Chance
B5 Loving You


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