Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Under The Covers WMDR

Back in the 80's sometime I began making mix tapes for friends that consisted entirely of covers, which I titled "Under The Covers" inspired perhaps by an R. Stevie Moore cassette that I bought circa 1983.

In an attempt to clear out storage space, I've decided to digitize them, unleash them upon the world, and then toss the tapes. Also, there are maybe three of those old friends who might be interested in hearing them again, so what the heck, let's begin.

We're starting in the middle, with volume 16, simply because it's the one that struck my fancy (and at my age, my fancy doesn't get struck as often as it used to/as I'd like, if yaknowwhattamean).

I spent about three months in 91 (I think) doing sales for WMDR-AM in Blount County. The station had moved out of "The Music Doctor" (top-40) phase and was playing easy listening. Yeah, that's an easy format to sell - beautiful music on AM. Anyway, everything was on CD and the vinyl pile was essentially in the trash, so I acquired a quantity of old vinyl (the story of my life). Today's "Under The Covers Volume 16" consists entirely of rescued material from WMDR.

Artists on this set are:
Side One
Mason-Dixon (this country version of "Every Breath You take slays the original)
Peter Durchin - Light My Fire
Eddie Albert - Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)
Waylon Jennings - Norwegian Wood
Lawrence Welk - La bamba
James Taylor and Carly Simon - Mockingbird
Ken Berry - Ain't That A Shame
Xavier Cugat - Watermelon Man
Johnny Mathis - I'm Stone In Love With You
George Martin Orchestra - Winchester Cathedral
Judy Miller - In My Room
John Davidson - Daydream
Boots Randolph - These Boots are made For Walkin' [natch]
Walter Foster - To Love Somebody
Billy Vaughn - Raunchy
Jose Feliciano - Susie Q
Jimmie Haskell - A Hard Day's Night
Jaye P. Morgan - I Walk The Line
Boots Randolph - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Mills Brothers - Get A Job
Percy Faith - Sunny

Side Two
Georgia Gibbs - Great balls of Fire
Floyd Cramer - Games people Play
Boots Randolph - Games People Play
Roy Orbison - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Stu Phillips and the Hollyridge Strings - My Sweet Lord
Buddy Rich - Domino
Roy Orbison - Hey Good Lookin'
Floyd Cramer - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Hugh Montenegro - Superstition
Tommy Bell - Listen To The Music
The Little Big Horns - Get Back
Stu Phillips and the Hollyridge Strings - Day Tripper
New Dawn - Wild Horses
Floyd Cramer - I Feel Fine
Lester Lanin and his Orchestra - Up Up and Away
Roy Orbison - Jambalaya
Stu Phillips and the Hollyridge Strings - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Stu Phillips and the Hollyridge Strings - It Don't Come Easy
Count Basie - Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison - Your Cheatin' Heart
George Martin Orchestra - I Am The Walrus


Blogger TheCzarsOf45 said...

I may own one of the old Xavier Cugat 45 ex promos from WEAG. I bought that old promo 45 from Jay Nations at Southland Books when it was in the old Drake Auto Parts store on East Broadway.

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