Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Wave, Old Waves

For the past 25+ years I've had it filed away in the back of my brain that Jeff Huggins was not the first host of WIMZ's WAVES program, but I had no confirmation until this week, when I repaired the terribly abused cassette pictured below. A little splicing tape, a little re-applied masking tape, and a digital transfer leads us to today's audio.

Turns out that little brain worm was correct - Bill Cartwright (presumably not the 90's Bulls' center) was the initial host of the program. I know even less about Bill than I do about Jeff, so if you have any info please pop in on the comments and fill us in. This show is from 1981, and my memory tells me that this was the first time I heard (or at least the first time that I taped) WAVES.

Since it's Tuesday (even though it's not midnight EST), it's the appropriate time to post this show.

WIMZ-WAVES-Bill Cartwright 1981 01
WIMZ-WAVES-Bill Cartwright 1981 02

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