Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mike Love, Not War

Since I spent the weekend camping at the beach, I thought it would be appropriate to throw a little Beach Boys on here. No, we're not revisiting the classic sounds of the 60s, or even the odd "Johnny Carson" era of the 70s. No, we're taking a trip into the EE decade (Ewww Eighties).

Today's special is an RKO-produced and Dave Roberts-hosted radio show called "The Hot Ones" that features music from and interviews with the Beach Boys of 1985. Of course, by this time Dennis had passed away and Brian was playing in Landyland, so it's not exactly the strongest lineup of the band (Landy has four (4!) songwriting credits on the album - someone needed to beat him about the head and shoulders with a 2" reel of BASF). Oh, and Boy George contributes a tune to the album they're promoting.

Beach Boys aficionados will probably find something to complain about every couple of minutes - Mike in particular makes some egregiously wrong-headed comments - but it's still worth a listen. And, yes, Bruce gets in a plug for "I Write The Songs" - it wouldn't be a proper interview without it.

This disc came into my possession during my brief early 90's sales gig at Blount County's 1470 WMDR-AM, which was at that time running an easy listening format but which had previously been top-40 as "The Music Doctor". The top-40 format had replaced an earlier easy listening format when the station dropped its original call letters of WEAG (on which we listened to the Jerry Collins Show every morning on the way to school in the 70's in my Dad's '72 Impala with the one oval speaker in the dash).

The Hot Ones - Beach Boys - Side One
The Hot Ones - Beach Boys - Side Two

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