Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Last One Left

Here are three random bits of memorabilia from WUTK of the 1980s.

First is the front logo from (what I think) is the first WUTK t-shirt design, the famous "The Last One Left" design. My shirt is green, but I think there were a couple of other colors, too.

Speaking of "The Last One Left", here's the back of the shirt:

Meh, sorry that picture is such crap. Blogger wouldn't take my high-resolution version.
The dial reads (l-r) TV, WUTK-FM, Old Folks, Headbangers, Hillbillies.

Lastly, anyone who had a late-night (10-2) airshift at WUTK during the 1980's will be well-familiar with this sign-off. Whoever was on the air this night was waiting by the transmitter switch as the cart played, immediately killing the transmitter as the final note fades out. Just hearing this again brings back very specific sights, sounds (and smells) of the basement of Andy Holt late at night.
Anyone know who voiced this?

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