Tuesday, March 15, 2011

apply topically

This might be the only internet mention of this single (I was only willing to go about ten pages into Google, though). Cathy Kinsman put out an album in Canada in 1981 (the A side of this 1980 single was on the album) but it's the B side that caught my eye first - it's a current events song about the Iran hostage crisis of the late 70's. [edit: further perusal of the listed credits on the album indicates that maybe The Hostage Song (Fly Free Away) lost its topical title when the album came out (as the hostages had by then been released) and was included as simply Fly Free Away.] She's got a thing about flying, apparently. Make of that what you will.

Cathy Kinsman - The Hostage Song (Fly Free Away)/Flying So High


Blogger Mary McAlpine Dempster said...

Yes. Cathy has a beautiful voice and her songs are magical. Interesting subject matter re the song about the hostage situation - as you were pointing out. I never heard the 2 songs on the B-side before but Cathy and I had a duo act for a few months in the late 70's so I had the opportunity to hear her sing many times that summer. Thanks for posting them on your blogspot.

3:02 AM  
Blogger senormedia said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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