Friday, January 17, 2014

In The Beginning Was The Wah

Here's the debut performance from a band that existed from 1991-1993.
It's a little rough in spots, as the band fully coalesced about a month before this gig.
AFAIK this is the only show that Rick Tipton (keys/guitar) played with the band. (he's also not in the photo - David King is - but David's not in the video. Clear?) (Neither in the picture or the video is guitarist Scott Carpenter, who played several shows and did some recording with the band in 92/93.)
This recording marks the only appearance of the "Sgt Pepper" opener and the "Girlfriend Calling" cover.

The Thirteenth Generation - Flamingos - July 13 1991

Sgt Pepper/Head Games
Edge Of The World
(Don't) Wake Me
Calypso Calling
Dan's Blues
In The Summer
Girlfriend Calling


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