Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not that kind of rock ballad - no lighter needed

I'm not sure how I made it this close to a half century without knowing that Carl Sandburg worked in music as well as literature.

This album is fairly interesting, with a couple of my favorite folk/old timey tunes.

Sung and played by Carl Sandburg. Columbia Records AML 5339. Recorded at Carl Sandburg's home at Flat Rock, North Carolina. 33 1/3 speed. 1972.

Side One
I Ride An Old Paint
Careless Love
Down In The Valley
Ship That Never Returned
Alice B.
My Name Is Yon Yonson
Red River Valley
Turkey In The Straw
Old Gray Mare

Side Two
Eating Goober Peas
If I Die A Railroad Man
Medley: Sailing, Sailing; Fancies Fancies; In The Evening By The Moonlight; Carry Me Back To Old Virginia
He's Gone Away
Suckin' Cider Through A Straw
Nora's Dove
The Horse Named Bill
Showers Of Dollars
Get The Money
In De Vinter Time
But I Could Not Find My Baby-O
The Hearse Song
Unconstant Lover
The Doughnut Man

Today he'd be regularly vilified on Fox News as a Kommunist.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Earth To Heaven To Me To You

Here's a fine ol' timey album from 1978 that seems to have escaped a CD reissue. Wry Straw (Dungannon, VA) is Tom Bledsoe (guitar), John McCutcheon (fiddle, banjo, guitar), and Rich Kirby (mandolin, banjo, guitar). All of them chip in on other instruments (jaw harp, etc.) as well as vocals.

Wry Straw - From Earth To Heaven

1. Fiddle Medley
2. I Truly Understand
3. Where The Soul Never Dies
4. Dan The Red-Nose/Drowsy Maggie
5. Hot Corn Cold Corn
6. Cotton-Eyed Joe
7. I Get The Blues
8. Magpie/Leather Britches

1. Rye Cove
2. Barnyard Dance
3. Dill Pickle Rag
4. Land Beyond The Blue
5. Black Gold
6. Morgan Megan
7. Going Up Home
8. From Earth To Heaven

JA 028 June Appal Records, Whitesburg, KY

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Command You To Listen To This!

I have a long-running love for the Command record label, dating back to the 60's and my grandparent's copy of Dick Hyman's Man From O.R.G.A.N.

Today we have another album from label founder Enoch Light (and his Light Brigade) that (as usual for the time and the label) is designed to show off the recording fidelity (35mm film) and the stereo effects.

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Provocative Percussion Volume 4

A1 On The Street Where You Live
A2 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
A3 That's My Desire
A4 Comme Ci Comme Ça
A5 I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
A6 Do-Do-Do
B1 Make Someone Happy
B2 You're An Old Smoothie
B3 Solitude
B4 With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
B5 The Look Of Love
B6 I Love You

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