Friday, October 26, 2012

Magnavox Redux

Magnavox apparently liked their first collaboration with Command Records so much that they decided to do it again. This one is not tied to a specific Magnavox product, but is "assembled especially for Magnavox to provide the widest selection of music." [for certain narrow definitions of wide, I suppose] This is divided into a "serious" side and a "pops" side - the second is my favorite, as it contains material from my favorite Command artists in the classic Command style.

As a small bonus, the artwork also apes the classic Command Records style, though the archaic Magnavox logo detracts from the effect.

Music From Command Assembled Especially for Magnavox to Provide the Widest Selection of Music

A1 Capriccio Italien - Pierre Dervaux conducting l'Orchestro des Concerts Colonne
A2 Polonaise - Dick Hyman and his Orchestra (Provocative Percussion)
A3 Alborada Del Gracioso - Pierre Dervaux conducting l'Orchestro des Concerts Colonne
A4 Rachmaninoff-Symphony No.2 In E Mi.,Op.27 - William Steinberg - Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
A5 Brahms-Symphony No.2 In D,Op.73 - William Steinberg - Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
B1 I Want To Be Happy - Stereo 35/MM Vol II B2 The Poor People Of Paris - Far Away Places
B3 The Third Man Theme - Far Away Places - Enoch Light and his Orchestra
B4 You Do Something To Me Stereo - 35/MM Vol II Enoch Light and his Orchestra at Carnegie Hall
B5 The Thrill Is Gone - Stereo 35/MM Vol II
B6 Mimi - Far Away Places

Friday, October 19, 2012

Magnificent Magnavox!

I've made my admiration for Enoch Light and his Command Records and Grand Award Records labels known before.
for example).

Apparently the Magnavox Corporation noticed as well, and chose recordings from the Command and Grand Award catalogs to include on this disc designed to sell the new high-end "Magnavox Imperial Automatic Record Player."

Along with the recordings there is also some ping-pong stereo narration. Enjoy under headphones for full disorienting benefit.

Magnavox Stereophonic High Fidelity Demonstration Disc

Monday, October 08, 2012

Must Be in the Blood

What can I say? I like polkas. Most of my favorite Weird Al songs are the polka medleys. I was born in Pennsylvania, you know.

This is not my favorite polka album, but it's serviceable. Unfortunately, this RCA Camden budget reissue doesn't have the very cool Jim Flora artwork of the "Extended Play 45" version below (although whomever did the blue one is doing a Flora impersonation):

Andre Musette Orchestra - Polka Party RCA Camden CAL-270

Pretzel Bender Serenade
Tinkling Glasses
The Scissor Grinder
Come and Get It
Bubbling Over
The Pennsylvania Polka

Hiccup Polka
Ohio Polka
Down The Hatch
Calling All Cats
Over The Hilltops